Have Yourself A Clean&Safe Christmas

A Contractor’s Christmas Poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the new addition Not a creature was stirring but a contractor with ambition. The drywall was fastened to the studs with much care In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon finish repair. With Bob in his dust mask and I in my boots,… Read More

Thank You for Being Clean&Safe!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to give thanks — so thanks for being Clean&Safe! We truly appreciate all of our customers, from the largest to the smallest. After all, you’re the reason we’re here! We enjoy listening to your stories, and we love to hear how our products have helped you solve a… Read More

Flooring Nightmares: Protect Newly Installed Floors

It’s dark in the big, empty house. You turn a corner and bump into a scaffold. Suddenly, there’s a thud and a clatter, and you’re covered with a sticky red goo. Oh no, I’m bleeding! you think to yourself. Then you slowly realize you’re not really hurt, it wasn’t blood at all — it was just… Read More

Surface Protection 101: Back to School Basics

Students and teachers everywhere are heading back to school, so we thought we’d take a moment to give our readers a quick refresher course on surface protection basics. No homework, detention or pop quizzes, we promise! Get a Grip Our surface protection products are designed to grip when pressure is applied, but they may lose… Read More

Taping Floor Protection: A Sticky Subject

Tapes and adhesives are wonderful, useful products – but sometime’s they’re a little too good at their job. Tape can be kind of like a nagging mother-in-law – it just doesn’t know when to let things go. Using the wrong kind of adhesives or poor quality tapes can lead to all sorts of problems on any project. In the… Read More

Reuse, Recycle: Creative Uses for Our Drop Cloths

Customers love our drop cloths for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because they’re reusable. Contractors keep the same drop cloth through a couple of jobs, then use it for demolition work when it’s worn out. Or they’ll leave remnants with the homeowners to protect their floors while moving furniture and appliances back… Read More

Protect Cabinets and Floors in Minutes: Video How-to

How to protect cabinets and floors is a constant challenge that anyone in construction or remodeling has to face on every project. Even service and maintenance technicians, plumbers, electricians and restoration specialists should be using something to protect floors when they’re on a service call. If you’re a gambler, you may opt to go without any surface… Read More

JLC 2016: Tales of Renovation

Contractors, like fishermen, love to tell tales, and we love to hear them. With the added festivities of the NCAA basketball tournament and St. Patrick’s day, the atmosphere at this year’s JLC Live show in Providence, RI was electric. We had a wonderful time listening to our customers one-up each other with tales of renovations gone bad,… Read More

Surface Protection: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

We’re only a week away from the JLC Live New England 2016 trade show in Providence, RI! Providence is also hosting the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Championship games at the same time. Who will win the tournament? Will it be the top team with the best players and… Read More

A Better Way to Protect Stairs at the Job Site

We’ve spoken with countless contractors and remodelers over the years and they all seem to have one dilemma in common — how to protect stairs at the job site during construction. Plain painters’ drop cloths are slippery and dangerous. Heavy-duty paperboard is durable but hard to work with; it has to be taped down, making… Read More