Don’t Be Scared of Stairs!

Stairs and safety! Can those two words appear in the same sentence without a cringe? Don’t let stairs trip you up during your next project. When your job site involves stairs, take the proper precautions to protect you and your team. Use Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro surface protection on stairs.

Clean&Safe Pro keeps you safe on stairs.

How to Use Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro on Stairs

At the start of the job, unroll one of our surface protection rolls with the plastic side down and fiber side up on each stair’s tread and riser. Tuck the product’s runner flush with each stair’s tread and riser as you roll out Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro. For additional protection, some contractors secure our products by stapling the runner just under the nose of the tread. Others prefer attaching a small dowel under the nose of each tread and secure the product with finishing nails. Once Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe® Pro is down, the job site’s stairs are ready for you to get to work. When the job is finished, our protective products don’t leave any adhesive for you to clean, and they protect your clients’ hardwood and carpeted stairs.

Why Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro Work on Stairs

The bottom layer of both Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe ®Pro provides skid resistance to protect from slips and falls by gripping the stairs when weight is applied. The top layer absorbs dirt and absorbs moisture, too. If your next job involves stairs, get the right surface protection with Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe ®Pro.

A Special Offer

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