Add Complete Surface Protection to Your Tools

As a contractor, you’ve no doubt had war stories about jobs and how the best laid plans went awry. Whether antique pine floors got scratched by a sub-contractor or a brilliant blue paint splattered on your client’s oriental rug, every mistake is a learning opportunity especially when the mistake is expensive to fix. Get complete surface protection for your job sites with Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe® Pro.
Clean&SafePro stops paint and dust.
Add Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe® Pro to your tool box and prevent accidents from costing you extra money. Our Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe ®Pro provide effective tile, hardwood, stair, carpet, and even counter top protection from the stray paint can, errant coffee spill, and pesky dust.

From start to end of your job, Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro will work just as hard as you and your team does. With features such as skid resistance and leak-proof, you are protecting your employees and your clients from accidents.

Eliminate costly errors from your next job with the Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro surface protection. You can now take 10% off on purchases of $300 or more of Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro. Use coupon code fall10off before December 7, 2018, and start your next job Clean&Safe. Visit our shopping page to place your order.